72: Constellation – Wyatt Meldman-Floch and Zac Russell


Scalability is likely that the biggest obstacle to mainstream adoption of decentralized ledgers. Last week, Constellation, a team of ex-blockchain developers emerged from stealth mode with a unique solution: remove the block from the blockchain.

We are joined by Constellation CTO Wyatt Meldman-Floch and Zac Russell the Head of Marketing.

This team knows the problems of legacy blockchain protocols first hand. Upon experiencing the congestion of the Ethereum blockchain during a previous attempt to build a DApp, they pivoted to build, from the ground up, a platform protocol that relies on a horizontally scalable directed acyclic graph (DAG).

Check this out for the differences between “traditional” blockchains and DAGs – [“traditional”! Like they’ve been around for decades!]

DAGs are controversial subjects to some blockchainers. But then again, blockchain is a controversial subject to many industries…so all’s fair!

Not only does the Constellation team predict the realization of a transaction throughput several thousand times faster than most blockchains, but they believe they can achieve such speeds without the use of the plutocratic proof-of-stake mechanisms.

Visit Constellationlabs.io where you can learn more about the following:

  • Why scalability is the key to mainstream adoption of decentralized ledgers

  • The reasons why legacy blockchain networks will not be able to upgrade sufficiently

  • The dangers of blockchain plutocracy and the need to make nodes accessible to the layman


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