Ethan Kinderknecht – Co-founder, Co-host, Audio and Producer

Ethan Kinderknec​h​t is a mu​sician and sound engineer. Ethan records, edits, and produces The Blockchain Show podcast in Los Angeles.

On the potential of the blockchain: “The ​Blockchain is the future and the future is now, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

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Sarah Hempfling – Co-host, Artist

Sarah is a visual artist, writer, and hypnotherapist. A native of the Chicago suburbs, she lives in Los Angeles, California with Ethan and their four children.

On the potential of the blockchain: “Though I am often described as a Luddite, I am jumping on this creative new train of thought, for after trudging through the sludge of an old and dying system, I find great hope and joy when people come together in a positive effort to improve our way of life. It’s incredibly liberating and the possibilities seem endless.”

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Ian Collins – Co-host

Ian talks a lot. He’s an English gent stuck in the Florida swamps.

A passionate technology evangelist who has a keen eye on up and coming technology while also retaining much experience with large global programs of work. Ian enjoys the limelight and communicating effectively while also trying to entertain the audiences.




Mark Beauchamp – Co-host, Web Admin

Mark tries to be acerbic but often fails. He’s living on the mean streets of Croydon, UK.

He’s so London he’s so South.

He has made a career in surfing on the leading edge of technology, whether that’s Internet, Virtualisation, Cloud and now Blockchain – and looking forward to what comes next.

Likes a craft ale and making fiery chilli sauces. If you’re going to a Pub Quiz, you’ll want him on your team.

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