Ethan Kinderknecht – Co-host, Sound Engineer and EditorEthan-500
Ethan Kinderknect is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. A graduate of Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, Ethan has performed in everything from jazz ensembles to rock bands in addition to his work as a sound engineer. Ethan records, edits, and produces The Blockchain Show podcast from a studio he built at home with Sarah in Los Angeles.

On the potential of the blockchain: “The blockchain has the capability to free us from our debt-based and consumer-driven societal bonds. Viva la Blockchain!”

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Sarah2Sarah Hempfling – Co-host

Sarah is a visual artist, counselor, writer and creative spirit who has worked in patient advocacy, special education and medical interpretation. A native of the Chicago suburbs, she lives in Los Angeles, California with Ethan Kinderknecht and their three children.

On the potential of the blockchain: “Though I am often described as a Luddite, I am jumping on this creative new train of thought, for after trudging through the sludge of an old and dying system, I find great hope and joy when people come together in a positive effort to improve our way of life. It’s incredibly liberating and the possibilities seem endless.”

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Steve Anderson – Co-hostSteve by books
Steve Anderson is a pragmatic futurist and early adopter of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A software developer by trade, he is a champion of projects that advance the blockchain revolution.

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Mark Beauchamp – Co-host

Mark has made a career in surfing on the leading edge of technology, whether that’s Internet,

Virtualisation, Cloud and now Blockchain – and looking forward to what comes next.



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