120: Martin Mikeln / Verity

The Decentralized Oracle for Smart Contracts

Martin co-founded the world’s first decentralized human oracle known as Verity. Currently, projects in the oracle space (for example: Chainlink, Witnes, Augur etc) are gaining a lot of attention considering the essential part they play in unlocking the potential of smart contracts.

Verity makes it easy to verify real-world information and connect it to any smart contract. Using the wisdom of the crowd and blockchain-as-a-court-system, Verity eliminates the oracle problem.

Martin hails from Slovenia, a little-known (but extremely beautiful!) country, that also happens to be a blockchain hotspot with a long pedigree in top crypto companies such as BitStamp – one of the largest and oldest crypto exchanges in the world, and NiceHash – the world’s largest crypto-mining marketplace.

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