140: Daniel Lindsay CFO / AXEL

Growing IPFS and Masternode Technology

Steve and Ethan interview Daniel Lindsay, the CFO at AXEL in Las Vegas, Nevada. Daniel is a veteran financial professional with experience in consumer lending, retail banking, treasury services, and ultra-high net worth wealth management. He graduated with a degree in finance from Michigan State University and then went on to manage a financial institution in Las Vegas while concurrently earning his MBA from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Immediately following graduate school, Dan worked for a large regional bank providing financial consulting services before pursuing a law degree from Western Michigan University where he not only completed his JD, but also an LLM in taxation. After law school, Daniel was instrumental in the formation of a successful Registered Investment Advisor firm where he played a key role for several years. Daniel holds multiple FINRA licenses and a CFP designation.

Episode includes:

  • Listing on ProBit – successful listing with high volumes and price stabilized around $0.20. Less than 10% of circulating supply was sold indicating IEO purchasers and masternode holders are intending to hold AXEL and likely setup more MN in the near future; trading competition.
  • AXEL has seen great growth recently
  • AXEL has made it even easier to setup a masternode by partnering with Trittium
  • Why now is ideal to get out and purchase AXEL off ProBit exchange as masternode rewards are extremely attractive: Tier structure, rewards for each tier, etc
  • A lot of exciting things in the pipeline, that will benefit from their growing network.
  • Taking part in promotions such as AXEL Quest, and how you can earn AXEL Tokens

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AXEL.Network, and follow them on Discord, and Medium Website: https://axel.networkhttps://www.axel.org Twitter: @AXELUnlimitedFacebook

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