146: Danny Kim / SFOX

Danny Kim is Head of Growth for SFOX, a cryptocurrency prime dealer for traders and institutional investors that has facilitated over $11 billion in transaction volume to date. Previously, Danny was Head of Institutional Sales for Gemini Exchange, and before that Director of Institutional Client Group, itBit. Before discovering digital assets, Danny worked in finance services with firms such as BNP Paribas, State Street, and Longwood Investment Advisors. 

Topics covered include:

  • Danny’s Career: What lead him from his traditional banking job into the then unknown, wild world of crypto, ignoring concerns from his mentors and peers. (And whether it was worth it.)
  • Danny tells us about SFOX – and what even is a Prime Dealer? Why a single point of liquidity to all the major crypto exchanges and OTC desks is key for institutional and retail adoption of crypto trading.
  • How SFOX is designed for traders: SFOX’s suite of algorithms – and SFOX’s FoxEye suite of trading tools for personalized trading strategies. 
  • Traders Insurance: SFOX provides its traders with industry-first FDIC-insured accounts; why qualified insurance is vital for institutional adoption.  
  • What type of institutions are getting into crypto? From family offices and hedge funds to money managers, SFOX is seeing a wide variety of institutional investors gaining exposure to digital assets. 
  • Why segregated accounts are crucial to institutional investment in cryptocurrencies, and how the QuadrigaCX debacle exposed the current model as flawed.
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