151: SKALE Labs / Jack O’Holleran

Proof of Stake and Profitability

Jack O’Holleran is the Co-Founder and CEO at SKALE Labs. He joins The Blockchain Show host Ethan for an informative discussion about Proof of Stake, Scalability, Proof of Work, and the state of the blockchain space.

SKALE is an Ethereum-compatible network with a leaderless consensus designed to run on an uncapped number of independent nodes, each of which will be providing resources to multiple high performance decentralized elastic blockchains.

SKALE Network is an open source Web3 platform intended to bring speed and configurability to blockchain. SKALE Network is the project by N.O.D.E. Foundation – the Lichtenstein Foundation that aims to advance development of Web3 technologies and make decentralized web more user friendly and accessible for developers, validators, and end users.

N.O.D.E. Foundation partners with SKALE Labs, and other top entities and investors around the world to facilitate development of SKALE Network.

SKALE Labs is the core team involved in creating the technology specs, creating the code, and growing use and awareness of the network. SKALE Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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