179: Blockchain in Education with Nadav Zeimer

Restructuring Academic Credits

Nadav Zeimer has worked in technology and education for decades, from software engineering in the Silicon Valley to serving as a principal in NYC. Thus, Nadav has unique insights into how blockchain technology can help students. He’s been recognized for his digital media centered approach to reforming schools by integrating podcasting into his curricula. 

In his book Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There he explains the need to re-imagine how academic credits are stored and utilized in education by introducing blockchain technology to the credit ledger system.

In this episode Nadav explains the problems with politicians setting the academic policy, standardized testing, high school credits, and how his plan for using blockchain-based credits will revolutionize the current system of academic capital. He gives examples of how podcasting in high schools is bridging the gaps for some students and how it may play a role in the post COVID-19 world. We also talk about digital code being used to write anti-bias, both in race and equity in education.

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