213: iov42 / Ryan Worsley & David Coleman

Ryan Worsley is CTO at iov42 and has a love for formal Computer Science approaches and techniques. His career has charted a course in which he developed one of the first retail, customer-facing live FX trading portals; rebuilt an “unfixable” bespoke in-memory database for an investment bank; designed and built a big-data Bitemporal Graph Database; and architected a Non-Repudiation Database for the UK tax authority.

Ryan’s love of big-data distributed systems engineering, complex problem spaces and worthwhile abstractions has found him at home at iov42, where the engineering is challenging from an academic perspective, but ultimately needs to be useful to real use cases and engineers.

David Coleman is CPO at iov42. David jumped straight into the fire of a startup by interning as a programmer after his first year of a Computer Engineering degree. His newfound passion for creative problem solving inspired him to join the company full-time and finish his degree in his spare time.

After the startup was sold, David moved into investment banking, designing and engineering high performance, high throughput systems. He continued to build this expertise in the financial sector, going on to initiate and run an API First initiative at a large global bank.

During his first foray into blockchain, David won Thomson Reuters’ 2016 and 2017 Hackathons, and with his interest in blockchain piqued, he joined iov42 in 2018. He now heads up the Product team, where he loves the challenge of combining his love of technological innovation with solving hard business problems.

Learn more about their EBSI project here.

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