24: Paul Puey from Airbitz


Paul Puey cofounded Airbitz in Jan 2014 with the mission of creating a platform to secure bitcoin and digital assets in not just an easy but also familiar way that is usable to the masses that don’t want to deal with the complexity of encryption, backup, or multi-word passphrases. They aim to accomplish this while retaining bitcoin’s core advantages of autonomy, privacy, and decentralization.

Steve fouled up recording his end of the interview with Airbitz CEO Paul. So we did the best we could to reconstruct the interview.

The first half of the frankenstein episode reconstruction was done with the three of us. And then for the second half it’s just steve and Paul

Paul has really gone out of his way to add value to the blockchain space we think that even with an episode that isn’t our best it’s still well worth the listen.

Try airbitz edge at augur.net

Invest in Airbitz at wefunder

Arcade City White Paper

Edit. A user on reddit made the followling excellent post wiith time marker details. Thank you so much cryptopascal

Airbitz had already integrated with Augur (see the “login with Airbitz” button at https://app.augur.net/?page=register )

In this interview at the Blockchain show he explains how Airbitz can be integrated with dApps using the Airbitz SDK:https://airbitz.co/#sdk

Users can safely hold their private keys and log in into dApps using Edge login, by scanning a bar code:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73ISfWw_jNk

Topics deeper in the interview:

  • 10’20” : difference with uPort: Airbitz concentrates on keeping the keys secure across blockchains, and on encryption of data. uPort concentrates on key revocation and restoring specifically for Ethereum.
  • 15’10” : keyloggers and screen capture malware as two main risks for identity/credential theft
  • 22’20” on blockchain use cases: Augur, p2p insurance, p2p trading
  • 25′ : Public/private key authentication via mobile as a generic way to authenticate to IOT devices
  • 28′ : using the Airbitz plugin system to port your dApp to Airbitz so your dApp can live within the Airbitz wallet and rely on the security of Airbitz to hold your Ether and different tokens.
  • 30′ : on the BTC blockchain debate, and ICOs as a use case for BTC even with expensive transaction fees.
  • 33′ : on the Airbitz crowdfund campaign (the first one under the JOBS act using BTC)
  • 39′ : on Arcade City. Does not believe it’s a scam, might have been badly executed so it becomes perceived as a scam (the interview was probably recorded before Paul Puey joined the project as a keyholder (of the funds multisig).
  • 43′ : says more announcements and cooperations with dApps will follow
  • 53’20” : Airbitz following the bitID standard and providing a generic way of creating an account just by scanning a barcode


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