52: Nuggets with Alastair Johnson and Seema Khinda Johnson


You wait a month for a Blockchain Show podcast and all of a sudden 2 come along at once.

Yes we’re back again, hitting the dizzying heights of 2 podcasts within the same week.

This week we have another exciting and informative interview for you as Mark braves the November cold snap and talks to Alastair Johnson and Seema Khinda Johnson, the dream team behind Nuggets. We talk identity theft, their upcoming token sale and casually exchanging emails with Vitalik Buterin. We also talk about diversity in blockchain tech, fintech startup and challenger banks and how meetups like Women In Blockchain are starting to address the balance.

You can read their white paper here.

  • We’re counting and HODL-ing our Bitcoin as it busts the $7000 mark
  • We’re hoping somebody fixes the Health system – with or without a blockchain
  • We’re Amazin’ at Amazon and their crypto-domain land-grab
  • We’re energising as Shell, Statoil and other energy providers are buddying up to back a blockchain energy trading platform
  • We’re preparing to be grilled by our bosses and our bosses bosses next year on “What’s this blockchain thang?”
  • We look ahead through the rest of November and December for the latest Blockchain Events to get yourselves booked in on.
  • And a big non-podcast shout out to Bjork for making her latest album available to buy using cryptocurrency

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With much love and thanks to:

  • Alastair and Seema at Nuggets.
  • Bjork for being Bjork



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