75: eHarvestHub CEO Alvaro Ramirez

Good things from the garden…

This week, Ian “Farmer Giles” Collins meets with Alvaro Ramirez, the founder and CEO of eHarvestHub, a set of tools that connect small farmers to retail buyers and carriers — the Uber of local food — and a marketplace that will change how that food reaches our tables.

Also you join us this week as we bask in the delightful and unexpected news that we have been picked out as one of the Top 5 Blockchain Podcasts to listen too – thanks 101Blockchains – we’ll try not to let you down.

And Andreessen Horowitz – eat our vapor trails! (Not really – we’d love your advice and investment!)


Our fresh food is expensive and inaccessible because it zig-zags 7 to 10 times before it makes it to the grocery store – like below.

This increases the price each time it exchanges hands. These layers of middlemen leave little profits for the farmers and truckers who produce and transport our food and consumers paying higher prices for their food.

eHarvestHub is here to help address that.

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