79: SeriesX & Quantm RE

Double Bubble

Heading out of the trough of dissolutionment up the slope of enlightenment.

Picking up the pace, we have got 2 fascinating interviews with Blockchain and Crypto Pioneers in this episode.

In Part 1 – Mark talks to Dave Hendricks, Co-Founder of SeriesX and its’s project Vertalo. Dave is a habitual tech innovator.

Vertalo is looking at how Blockchain tech can aid in corporate governance. This is a key area where start-ups can benefit, but also has applications in more established businesses.

In Part 2 – Ethan hears from Matthew Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Quantm RE who tells us how Blockchain and Crypto is disrupting the real estate industry and helping you free up your equity.

The quantmRE Network is a Membership based Network built on blockchain technology that facilitates the primary issuance and secondary trading of investment tokens backed by fractional equity interests in single family residences.

And we have many more podcast interviews in the pipeline – this shizzle is getting real!

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