82: Dragonchain with Jonel Cordero

Day(tona) of the Dragonchain!

This podcast is brought to you by Dragonchain – the fastest blockchain platform on the speedway.

Dragonchain are sponsoring Corey LaJoie’s car 72 at the Daytona Coke Zero Sugar 400 this weekend and consequently are hosting a local Meet-Up in Orlando. Therefore Ian gets to talk with CMO Jonel Cordero in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, a short walk from home.

First of all we talk to Dragonchain about:

Dragonchain Making America Great Again, ICOs, the Orlando and Seattle Blockchain scenes, Interchain Platforms, NEO, NEM, NASCAR and most importantly Budweiser, Pick-up Trucks and Pitgirls.

Furthermore we raise with interest sponsorship and multimedia advertising of both Dragonchain and of solutions like HDAC Technology. HDAC are heavily marketing the HDAC Blockchain solution on TV in the UK during the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

Blockchain Solutions are therefore getting interest from our listeners in the UK as one of the first TV Adverts talking about Blockchain.

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