84: Aventus with Annika Monari and Alan Vey

Aventus – Ticket to Ride

Mark and Ian talk to Anniko Monari and Alan Vey Co-founders of the Aventus Protocol and Artos Systems.


The core Aventus Protocol is a global, open-source blockchain ticketing smart contract backbone Aventus is built on the Ethereum network.


Artos is the bridge to blockchain for the ticketing sector.

Annika Monari and Alan Vey – Aventus- Ethereum London

Annika Monari and Alan Vey are the founders of Aventus and recent graduates from Masters degrees in Physics – Particle Physics and Computing – Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London respectively. In this video they present Aventus, a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting.

Aventus Protocol was created to solve the challenges of the ticketing industry with the tools of the blockchain technology. The protocol therefore eliminates critical ticketing challenges, including:

  • Touting
  • Counterfeit
  • Technical Debt

Aventus has brought together academics, ticketing experts and talented software engineers, all armed with the same mission: to create a fair ticketing ecosystem built upon cutting-edge technology.

Artos brings the power of blockchain, such as the Aventus protocol, serving organisations who develop, supply or user ticketing solutions and integrates it with your business needs.

Artos Systems consequently ensure the delivery of tools, blockchain API connectivity and analytics via SaaS to businesses involved in the ticketing supply chain, including Promoters, Venues, and Primary and Secondary Ticketing Agents.

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