88: The Age of Anomaly

The Age of Anomaly is upon us!

Blockchain Show co-hosts Ian Collins and Ethan Kinderknec​h​t chat with “The Age of Anomaly” author Andrei Polgar and discuss topics such as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in the context of the next global financial crisis.

The Age of Anomaly

In his second book, “The Age of Anomaly” Andrei Polgar predicts the next global financial crisis. The worst part is, the average person will most likely be blindsided due to a complete lack of basic financial preparedness.
Andrei is one of the few economists out there who specializes in
exotic assets such as domain names (perhaps the only economist who covered the short domain mania of 2015-2016) and, of course, crypto. http://oneminuteeconomics.com/

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