91: Project Aiur with Anita Schjøll Brede from Iris.AI

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In a world where the right scientific knowledge is available at our fingertips. A world where all research is validated and reproducible and where interdisciplinary connections are the norm. Today – Ian and Ethan explore that world as they talk with Anita Schjøll Brede from Iris.AI about Project Aiur.


Iris.AI and Project Aiur

Iris.ai is an international startup aiming to democratize science and consequently disrupt research system incentives.

As a result improve scientific content, making it more transparent, accountable and widespread in society.

Anita is CEO of Iris.ai – the company using AI to help speed up the research process for academic and corporate R&D. Iris.AI has recently launched its Project Aiur.

Project Aiur will use AI and Blockchain to allow scientists to semi-automate the time-consuming process of checking the factual base of any research hypothesis.


The goal of Project Aiur is to liberate researchers and academics from a publishing system of misaligned incentives.

The current system encourages scientists to exaggerate facts and furthermore omit assumptions as they are told to produce quantity of research and hence compromise quality.

Seems like such practices are deemed acceptable in an industry that lacks accountability and is driven solely by profit rather than a commitment to the betterment of scientific progress.

As a result Project Aiur has come to the rescue!

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