95: Caspian with Robert Dykes

Prince Caspian

Caspian is a full stack crypto trading platform which as a result is said to be the gateway to institutions and hedge funds going big on crypto.

Caspian is brought to you as a joint venture between Tora and Kenetic. Tora has a proven Global platform for equities and derivatives. While Kenetic have industry leading expertise in Blockchain technologies.

Mark meets with Tora and Caspian CEO Robert Dykes over a coffee in the heart of the City of London’s banking district.

Ethan, Ian and Mark then go a-ramblin’ – talking Conference Calls, Beer, Coffee, Events and Suchlike.

UPDATE: Caspian Token Generation Event Begins Wednesday 3rd October

With the successful completion of their pre-sale raising USD 16 million, we are pleased to officially announce that Caspian’s public token sale will begin on Wednesday 3rd of October 9:00 am BST.

About Caspian

Caspian is a complete asset management solution that covers the lifecycle of the trade. Because it includes a fully developed OEMS, PMS, and RMS, it provides a single interface into all major crypto exchanges.

Furthermore, Caspian provides a complete suite of sophisticated trading algorithms, real-time and historical P&L and exposure tracking and professional customer service. Consequently Caspian provides you all the features you need to manage your crypto fund.

This off-the-shelf crypto-asset management platform brings together the biggest crypto exchanges in a single interface.
This helps overcome a number of barriers like fragmented trading platforms and custody issues; offering trading tools for crypto similar to those used in the traditional markets.
Caspian has recently announced that it now connects to more than 25 exchanges and has 12 funds on its beta platform, with 8 more clients expected later this month.
It also said that it will soon be adding its first Over The Counter (OTC) desk as a destination. And they have recently closed partnerships with BitMex, Gemini, Galaxy Digital and more.
Caspian is backed by long-established, leading supplier of asset management technology, Tora. Tora’s Order and Execution Management system (OEMS) averages monthly notional equity volume exceeding US$100 billion and is currently responsible for 17% of Japanese institutional equity trading volume.

Caspian demo trailer

Uploaded by Caspian on 2018-03-27.

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