99: LXDX – with Joshua and Will

That’s El-Ex-Dee-Ex

In this weeks episode those cheeky Blokechain boys, Mark and Ian have a chat with Joshua Greenwald and Will Roman of LXDX

About LXDX

LXDX is a trading infrastructure for traditional capital markets.

As a result the exchange allows you to execute millions of trades per second across thousands of pairs.

Consequently that level of speed and scalability is unique within the digital asset ecosystem.

Furthermore LXDX are excited to provide a higher caliber of experience to investors everywhere.


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Coming in the next Episode…

Our next Podcast will be our 100th episode.

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And as a consequence we’ve got a Trip Down Memory Chain coming up in the next Episode as Ethan, Mark and Ian look back over their favourite moments from the show’s archive.

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