80: Mainframe London AirDrop Live!

Give it away now!

Recorded Live from the England leg of the Mainframe Physical AirDrop Event European Tour.

Intro Clip Mainframe AirDrop London

Give it away now! Recorded Live from the England leg of the Mainframe Physical AirDrop Event European Tour.


Badminton, Bearskins, Blockchain and “Bants”. Mark is back on the (short) road to Blockchain Event town – London – in this episode we meet Mainframe.

Mark talks with Mick Hagen, founder and CEO of Mainframe – www.mainframe.com, enjoys the build up to the 8pm live physical AirDrop of MFT tokens and then gets caught in the frenzy for balloons and plastic tokens (I didn’t get one…)

Mick is one of those fabled creatures who do enormously well in the tech industry – a drop out from a major college. But he’s no Pied Piper of unfulfilled promise.

We chat about Web 3.0, the future of communication on the Blockchain, how we still sense good in the world, distributed teams and distributed technology and why there are still many reasons to be excited by Blockchain.

And following that – the Airdrop itself. What great fun we all had and Mick and the team were so good at engaging their audience. Recommend looking out for Mainframe if they run an event in your town.

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