Season2: Episode 115 – FIO with David Gold, Ian & MGEN live at Hamburger Mary’s

David Gold is ​the mastermind ​leading a project called ​FIO (Foundation for Interwallet Operability)​. ​The FIO Protocol is being built by Dapix, Inc. David is a former dot com entrepreneur and 11+ year tech/blockchain venture capitalist, who believes usability must be greatly improved for Satoshi’s vision of “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash” to become a broad reality.

The foundation is a consortium of leading blockchain wallets, exchanges and payments providers that seeks to accelerate blockchain adoption by reducing the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving cryptoassets.

FIO is developing the FIO Protocol, a decentralized open-source blockchain protocol, that will enable greatly enhanced user experience inside the FIO enabled wallets, exchanges and applications of their choice.

​Erik Voorhees from ShapeShift is extremely excited about​ this project which is intended to massively improve UX of all wallet software (blockchain agnostic).

Furthermore, The ​FIO Protocol ​is a new inter-wallet operability protocol that removes the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving tokens and coins.​, KeepKey, TrustWallet, Coinomi, MyCrypto, BRD, Edge & Mycelium are already signed up as members to the Foundation and will implement the protocol that provides an enhanced layer of usability features for existing and future wallets and exchanges – making the transfer of cryptocurrencies between wallets as simple and straightforward for consumers as making transfers on PayPal.

 Bonus Live Interview!

(23:40) Ian meets up with Justin Dean and Lucas Dimos from MasterGenesis at a local Orlando eatery.

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